MY SUMMER TOURING AUSTRALIA —- first stop home.¬†



After finishing the year on such a high in vegas with JLO for new years eve i departed Los Angeles at the beginning of the year to see my family and share some of my knowledge and training with the dance community all over Australia.

My first stop my hometown Perth, after some much needed rest and relaxation with the family . i began teaching masterclasses all over Perth. Being my hometown i always find it special to share my story and inspire the teens of Perth to travel and really pursue their dreams. Whether it be in entertainment or not . i believe i was meant to inspire. I was asked by a friend to be interviewed by channel 9 about my story and my career thus far. I was really honored .

heres a few group photos from classes and link to my interview on channel 9 / green room agency auditions guest judge panel












Firstly i want to thankyou Marko Panzic for helping me set up masterclasses in Sydney . He has a heart of gold. One of the most amazing dancers/ teacher and just an awesome person in life! I stayed in Newtown which is so adorable and just walking distance from a great strip of shops, cafes and bars. Great for an afternoon stroll after a busy week teaching . My trip was relatively short just four days but i enjoyed every one of them. Sydney has a cool vibe and i would love to spend more time here. I had the pleasure teaching at two different studios in Sydney. High Energy Dance and the lovely Marko Panzic hosted a masterclass for me Triple Menance Studios

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Being pretty much the cooliest city in the world who couldnt have fun here ? I love this place not gonna lie the weather isnt better than perth but its more about the vibe here. Its hippie, its chill, beachy ok again not like perth beaches. But i will give Melbourne credit for its coffee, great shopping and cute casual dining. The trams are awesome and the city is so easy to get in and around.

I have lots of love for this city aswell because my dearest of friends and cousin resides here on the east coast of aussie. While catching up with my mates and having way too many late night dumplings and wine in chinatown with Gigi, i taught so many amazing classes here too ! The kids, teens and full time dancers in Melbourne were hungry for advice and hungry to dance. We had so much fun together . Thankyou everyone who supported and came to classes . A special thankyou to every student i hope you had an amazing time. I still am yet to reply to some of you with regards to visa questions and career oppurtunities i havn’t forgotten about you all !


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