Sarah Alice Burns originally born and raised in  Perth, Australia moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago. Her biggest goal was to book a world tour and that she did !  Majority of the seven years Sarah has been working in Los Angeles she has been with Beyonce. She spent four years with the camp and experienced a lot of creativity and inspiration . Also performing and experiencing multiple Award Winnings Show, Superbowl, Movies and more. Among other performances with Drake, JLO, Pitbull, Janelle Monoe, Brandy and Usher is just to name a few.

Allowing her with these experiences she has obtained so much knowledge and has the passion and ability to create and refine artists as they develop. Movement for models/actors in professional shoots and campaigns. Where creativity meets the physique – a unique understanding of the body as a dancer in movement based film, tv and photographic situations, Sarah is an advantage .

She currently is working on artist development with multiple upcoming acts and is almost all the way through her Pilates Certification – she is available for private dance or pilates sessions in the Los Angeles area.


please contact CLEAR TALENT AGENCY / DANIEL HOFF AGENCY for enquires

CTG 818) 509-0121

D.HOFF 323 932 2500

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