Sarah moved from Perth, Australia to Los Angeles 6 years ago with the dream to travel the world and dance professionally doing so, not only can she say she’s done it multiple is pretty awesome. Majority of the six years Sarah has been working in Los Angeles she has been with Beyonce. She spent four years with the camp and experienced a lot of creativity develop. Also performing and experiencing multiple Award Winnings Show, Superbowl, Movies and more. Among other performances with Drake, JLO, Janes Addiction, Pitbull and Janelle Monoe is just to name a few.

Allowing her with these experiences she obtained so much knowledge and has the passion and ability to create and refine artists as they develop. Movement for models/actors in professional shoots and campaigns. Where creativity meets the physique – a unique understanding of the body as a dancer in movement based film, tv and photographic situations, Sarah is an advantage .

She currently is working on artist development with multiple upcoming acts and is designing her first lingerie line.

please contact bloc for enquires

Laney – 3239547732

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